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Mihikaa Rao, a vibrant 16-year-old, is currently pursuing Arts at St. Xavier's College. Known for her confidence and level-headedness, she is a young woman who fearlessly expresses her thoughts and opinions. Sarcasm is her favorite language, and she has a remarkable ability to crack jokes even in the most unexpected situations, bringing laughter to those around her.

In addition to her passion for Bollywood, Mihikaa possesses a remarkable talent as a trained classical singer. With her melodious voice, she breathes life into every note, enchanting her audience with the beauty of Indian classical music. Her love for music doesn't stop at singing; Mihikaa is also adept at writing songs, using her creativity to convey emotions through lyrics and melodies.

Mihikaa's fondness for literature is evident in her love for books. She finds solace in the pages of novels, and her dream of someday becoming an author fuels her desire to express her thoughts and ideas through her own writing. With determination and perseverance, she aspires to craft a literary masterpiece that will captivate readers worldwide.

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