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Sr. Director

Prakriti Prakash, a vibrant 17-year-old student currently pursuing commerce. Beyond her academic pursuits, Prakriti's heart beats for dance, particularly Kathak, where she finds solace and self-expression. Her talents extend beyond the stage as she has also showcased her charisma and confidence through college anchoring gigs.

Prakriti is a social butterfly, thriving on interactions and new experiences. She finds joy in meeting diverse people and embracing various adventures life offers. Apart from her engagements, Prakriti dedicates time to acting workshops with kids, fostering their personality development and growth.

When she's not dancing or mentoring, Prakriti indulges in her hobbies of reading books and journaling, exploring the depths of literature and her own thoughts. With her infectious energy and zest for life, Prakriti Prakash is a beacon of creativity and warmth in her community.

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