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Deputy President

Vedhika Kokane is a student at DY Patil University, who embodies the qualities of ambition, empathy, and a pleasant demeanor. She believes that listening is a crucial aspect of being a successful speaker, and always strives to learn from others in her personal and professional interactions.

Vedhika is a versatile individual with diverse interests, who seeks to pursue various disciplines and activities to achieve holistic growth. Her curiosity and eagerness to learn have driven her to explore new avenues, and she is always willing to challenge herself to new heights.
Beyond her academic pursuits, Vedhika has a keen interest in reading, basketball, and socializing with others. She finds solace in books, where she can escape to different worlds and perspectives. On the court, she enjoys the rush of adrenaline and the thrill of competition. When socializing with others, she relishes the opportunity to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

In summary, Vedhika Kokane is an intelligent, driven, and compassionate young person who is passionate about personal growth, learning, and making a difference in the world. Her diverse interests, strong work ethic, and dedication to excellence make her a promising individual who is sure to achieve great success in her future endeavors.

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